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Google Cars and Wind Turbine Project

Google’s gone green. Everyone on the Internet should know this by now. As part of their Going Green at Google Initiative the world’s most popular search engine company has installed solar panels on top of their Mountain View, California campus and promoted plug-in hybrid vehicles.

But, this week there are two more episodes of “Google Gone Wild.” The first episode is about the new Google Car, a driverless vehicle that is being tested on California roads. At first glance one might mistake this for the Google Street View car that drives around, taking photos along the highways and byways of the U. S. and beyond.

But, on second glance one will see that the test is really about putting cars on autopilot, saving fuel and making driving more efficient. So far, an Audi and six Priuses have put more than 140,000 miles in driverless mode. Of course, this is high tech so the Google cars use a combination of laser, radar, video cameras and GPS technology in order to navigate and play well with others on the road.

The next episode of Google Gone Wild is the search giant is co-sponsoring a $5 billion Wind Energy Infrastructure Project. The basic idea is to escalate the building of offshore wind turbines. This will aided by building a 350-mile transmission line along the Atlantic coastline.

New Jersey, Virginia and Delaware will be able to hook up to the transmission line with offshore turbines and pipe “the equivalent of five large nuclear reactors worth of energy” onshore.

Google isn’t just about search anymore. When it comes to our environment Google is on a search and rescue mission.

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