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Energy Independence Savings Bonds for Green U. S. Growth

I received an email from a Pickens Plan supporter, Mike Kendall over the weekend, who has a novel idea for stimulating the growth of alternative energy in this country. Mike would like the U. S. government to issue “Energy Independence Savings Bonds” or “Renewable Energy Bonds” to give people a sense of ownership over green technology growth in America.

Mike has already contacted a couple of U. S. senators about his plan but needs a little more grassroots help in seeing this to fruition. One of the unique features of this proposal is that specific bonds could be issued from specific projects.

For instance, if you want to see wind energy grow more rapidly you can buy “Energy W” bonds to support the building of wind farms. Or if you’d like to see solar succeed, then “Energy S” bonds would be in order. The bonds could also be adapted for certain kinds of transportation as well, such as electric cars, electric trains or presumably even hydrogen vehicles. “Energy H2” bonds anyone?

The bonds would be like standard U. S. savings bonds with colorful and artistic designs, and they mature over time and make money for the holder. The bonds are a loan for the green energy industry and are collected upon at a later date when energy independence is in full swing.

Besides government bailout and government stimulus, this gives individuals direct ownership over a specific part of energy independence or renewable energy they could even pass on to their kids and grandkids. The project looks promising and it just needs a little support.

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